June 15, 2009

A couple of write-ups

Lisa Radon of Ultrapdx.com and Mike Merrill from Urbanhonking.com wrote some nice words about my graduate exhibit and lecture last month. Thought I'd archive them here.

Oh, Mostlandia on Ultra (LINK OUT OF ORDER)

Collaboration on Urbanhonking

Also, if you haven't had the chance yet - stop by Disjecta this month to see the PSU MFA group show. I've put a smaller selection of items from The M.O.S.T.'s archives up for display, and everyone else in the program is looking great!


June 9, 2009

Box Set: Installation Shots

Thought it might be helpful to post some images from my show- a little tour of sorts.
Here's the view from the entrance

View of the large gallery space:

Here I'm serving in my active role as docent for the show, giving tours:

Citizen Jen Elder and family eating ice cream sandwiches provided as part of the exhibition:


Andrew McQualter

During our preparations for PDF, Lisa introduced me to the work of Andrew McQualter, and his project
Studies for the shape of government. I really love the documentation of this project, with the establishing shot of two people at a table followed by the document they created together. It's cinematic almost.


June 2, 2009

Public Document Files @ Public Space One, Iowa City

I have been working with Melbourne artist Lisa Radford to create some PDFs for a project in Iowa City called Public Document Files (PDF). Jen Delos Reyes asked 30 artists (including myself) to create ten files "on or about artists they think are related to ideas surrounding public and socially engaged art work." Lisa and I have been emailing links back and forth for several years now, and decided to make our PDFs out of those links.

Throughout this process, we discussed the possibility of whether we might be living parallel lives in cities on opposite sides of the world. We used the Radio Lab show The (Multi) Universe(s) as a starting point, and Lisa drew this great image in summation, merging our facial features and making connections between us.