March 31, 2008

DAMP at Heidi Muesum

Last night I went to an opening for DAMP, the art group that put together the Group Group show, at the Heidi Museum. There were probably 500 people in attendance, speeches by the Premier and Board Chair of Connex (the people who run the tram system), and then everyone queued to go inside for the show.

DAMP made one of those stand-up scenes, a picture of their group re-enacting the nativity scene, where audience members were invited to go stand behind the image and stick their faces through. The museum volunteers took pictures of people doing it, and posted them on the wall throughout the night.

As an added detail, the museum made t-shirts with DAMP written like the Gary Indiana "love" postage stamp, and all of the waiters (there were at least 20) and volunteers were wearing them. Lucky me, I get to take one home. Won't The M.O.S.T. be jealous?



Yesterday, I visited with two students, Taree Mackenzie and Simon McGlinn to talk about their current projects at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

Both students were curious to know about Portland, and the Social Practice program and we probably spent half the meeting talking about how The M.O.S.T. makes collaboration work for us.

Simon showed me some video documentation of various electrical sculptures he's made in collaboration with some other students. Taree and I talked about how she's built moving projectors for her projects but that she wants to try something different, and is researching the Situationists for inspiration.

I ended up sending both of them an email afterwards containing links to the current Brainwaves show at Exit Art, dorkbot pdx, the PSU websites and a variety of other things.

I had a great time doing this, and was thankful to my hostess, Lisa, for setting up the opportunity for me to meet with them.


March 16, 2008

Original Selections from the Archives for the Recollections of Collections (ARC)

Pictured: our friends, DAMP

If you happen to be visiting the southern hemisphere, come see The M.O.S.T.'s contribution to the Group Group Show at the Victorian College of the Arts! I'll be in Melbourne visiting from March 26-April 6, and would love to visit with some of our Australandian citizens.

For more information about the Group Group Show, click here.


March 2, 2008

This Day in History

Some of you may remember 1992 as the year you entered middle school, or the year that William Jefferson Clinton was elected President of the United States of American.

Today, February 29th, also marks the 4th leap year anniversary of The M.O.S.T. being the first arts group to land on the moon.