August 28, 2009

Hans Ulrich Obrist, In Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem

Some summer reading.
I made myself a poster based upon the following quote by Vaneigem.
"We are moving toward the end
of the exploitation of nature,
of work,
of trade,
of predation,
of separation from the self,
of sacrifice,
of guilt,
of the forsaking of happiness,
of the fetishizing of money,
of power,
of hierarchy,
of contempt for and fear of women,
of the misleading of children,
of intellectual dominion,
of military and police despotism,
of religions,
of ideologies,
of repression and the deadly resolutions
of psychic tensions.
This is not a fact I am describing, but an ongoing process that simply requires from us increased vigilance, awareness, and solidarity with life."

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